Logo Creation, & Business Imaging

Personalized logo creation & business imaging, with prices starting at $140 (full pricing at bottom of page). Regardless of whether you are starting a business or want to reinvent your image, we can help. Need your logo converted from one medium to another? Perhaps you just need a logo for your new business and want to have some business cards and stationary made at the same time?

Our pricing is simple.

Logo Creation: Initial fee of $140 (non-refundable).

What’s Included:
1 Initial proof.
3 edits w/proof on each (for a total of 4 proofs maximum, multiple minor changes for one proof is only 1 edit) after 3rd edit proof is submitted additional proofs will be made at $70/per proof.
Copies of all useable files to take with you wherever you go. You the “client” own the files once the contract is complete. Additional charges: $70/hour after all proofs and edits are used up. Any additional clipart or fonts required (required meaning an alternative could not be agreed upon) to complete the design will be added as an additional item on the final bill.